Whom God has Joined Together: How to Build a Lasting Marriage Paperback book

This workbook is designed to help average Christian couples struggling to make their marriage more "spiritual" in a world that does not put a high value on marriage. Each chapter illustrates famous couples from the Bible, both the good and the bad. Each biblical couple is introduced by contemporary Christian couples, including:

Tim & Beverly LaHaye
Bill & Vonette Bright
John & Margaret Maxwell
David Yonggi & Grace Cho
D. James & Anne Kennedy
Neil & Joanne Anderson
Jerry & Macel Falwell
Tim & Julie Clinton
Ed & JoBeth Young
John Ed & Lynn Mathison
David & Cathy Earley
Ed & Donna Hindson
Mike & Cindy Jacobs

The ideal book to help couples improve their relationship as they identify that they are not unique or alone in their struggles. Each chapter includes:

Introductions from famous couples, Biblical case studies, Contemporary case studies, Interactive exercises, Practical projects, Journaling section, Take-aways: Principles directly from Scripture that relate to life today, Strengthen your marriage as you study this book.

Located in St Anne, mb

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