A very stylish RCA tombstone

Tombstone radios don't take up much room so this one will fit quite nicely in any room.
It is a RCA model 7T-1 and it measures 21" tall,16"wide and 9"'deep.
I have replaced all the capacitors ,checked the tubes and aligned the radio. It has the original knobs and grill cloth .The dial face is also original and in very good condition, .The tuning eye is new and very bright.

I stripped the cabinet and restored it to the original colors,using toned lacquer., and then applied the proper decals.

The radio has nine tubes and three bands, and it plays very good. I am including an adaptor with this radio , so you can play your own MP3 music through the radios amplifier.
I live in Lakeview, Calgary.
Please phone for more information or to find out about the other radios I have for sale.