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Beautiful Norfolk pine tree

Posted by Janos Demeter (1 item)

I am Amanda.
I am a 6 years old beautiful Norfolk Pine tree.
I am very healthy and love my current home where I get plenty of love and care.
I am happy and growing about 6-10” taller every year. I like to stretch my branches out a bit so I am about 5’ wide now. I don’t think that I am gonna get wider but sure want to grow much taller.
I have had a little chat with my humans and told them that while I really appreciate that they supported me all these years I feel that now it is time for me to go out and explore the world.
They are really sad to see me going but they understand that this will be the best for me.
So basically I am looking for a job that will let me reach my full (growing) potential.
I am an expert of making people saying things like “Wow, what a gorgeous tree!” and “I gotta get a beautiful plant like this!”.
Money is not important for me but I need plenty of light (no direct sunlight please) to keep my gorgeous dark green colour.
I like big fancy pots and my current one started to squeeze my big toe a bit so you will have to provide a benefit plant (pun intended!) that covers new pots and fresh soil every year.
I don’t like cold so I am looking for an indoor gig.
For example I could be greeting customers in a nice restaurant, maybe in the lobby of an upscale hotel. Oh yeah, that’s right ! I have always wanted to work in a Hilton. Hit me up if you own a Hilton but I could be just as happy in a nice quiet library. I assure you I am VERY quiet and not gonna bother your patrons.
Having said that people have hard time reading when I am around as they simply can’t take their eyes off of me! Ba-dum-tsss!
Enough about me!
Shoot me an email if you think that we can work out a deal. I am not in a rush.
I don’t own a car as I am too young to have a driver’s license so you would have to give me a ride. Keep in mind that I like to travel in luxury so you gotta have a big vehicle. I have a weak spot for large cargo vans so if you’d have one that’d be awesome.
Best Regards

Wow, I really appreciate all the best wishes and inquiries. Yeah, I mean mostly ladies wishing that they’d be as beautiful and gorgeous as I am but still…
If my ad is up then I am open to offers. I’d rather not answer dozens of email as I am not the best typist. Every time I use the computer I leave rootprints all over the place. So far I was able to blame Linda the cat for the mess but I kinda feel sorry for her when the humans are trying to tell her to stay away from the computer: “Listen Linda listen! ….” Poor thing.
If you are serious then I’d appreciate some details about the job.
I’d like to know where would I be working. A lobby, a restaurant, maybe a library?
If I like the job I’ll get back to you I promise.


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