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This is my Rocky. He is an Alaskan Malamute/German Shepherd cross. He is 4 years old. I have rasied, trained, and groomed him since he was 14 weeks old. He is extremely intelligent and high energy. He is athletic and loves both physical and mental exercise. He loves long walks, bike rides, car rides, swimming, tug-of-war, and cuddles. He communicates using light growls/howls and yips. He says "Yes" using shake-a-paw and also says "Sorry" in this manner. He is amazing with other animals and exceptional with children. I would love to find him a home on a farm as I believe he would thrive, or a home with children where he would receive lots of attention and play time. He is gentle, friendly, loyal, playful, is high energy but will happily settle down with you for a movie or bonfire. He is an amazing companion. His double coat requires maintenance or it will become matted, please do not EVER shave him. He will lose his ability to self-regulate body temperature to hot and cold. His nails grow crazy fast so will need to be trimmed frequently, I trim them once a month. (I am a pet groomer and will happliy help in this area if needed.) He has eaten Performatrin Prime Chicken and Rice since day one. Orijen Naturals is another Go-to brand that he has done well on. A portion of his food, his favorite toys, and his leash and collar will be included upon pick up. (We always take his collar off when he is in the house to prevent matting underneath and behind his ears.)
He is such a good boy and deserves the world. I unfortunately can't give it to him because my business has closed due to rising costs. I have been forced to relocate my family and sadly can not bring him along.

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